Wolfe's Investigations
Wolfe's Investigations
A Full-Service Investigation Company
As Seen On Investigation Discovery "Cry Wolfe"
Wolfe's Investigations
Wolfe's Investigations
A Full-Service Investigation Company
As Seen On Investigation Discovery "Cry Wolfe"

Service Agreement

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Hire WOLFE'S INVESTIGATIONS for all of your investigative needs. Do you have an investigative assignment you need worked? Fill out the service agreement/client information form below and indicate which service(s) you need performed.
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Client Information

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Investigative Services

Agreement is made between WOLFE'S INVESTIGATIONS and client
to conduct the following service(s):

Threat Assessment
Child Custody/Visitation
Runaway/Missing Persons
Activity Check
Spouse Infidelity
Product Liability
Traffic Accident Investigation
Locating Persons
Monitoring Visitation
Nanny Cam
Drug Testing
Activity Check
Personal Injury
Bodyguard/Executive Protection
Homicide Investigations
Court Appearances
Background Checks
Other (please explain)
Number of hours desired Investigative Services will last: (*)
Date(s) you desire Investigative Services to be provided: (*)
WOLFE'S INVESTIGATIONS will NOT exceed this ($) amount for this assignment unless authorized in writing by the client: (*)

This agreement is made between WOLFE'S INVESTIGATIONS and the client. Fees and expenses billed/invoiced to the client are the responsibility of same and are due and payable by the client within fifteen (15) working days of the date of the invoice. A 100% retainer is due up front before any services will be performed. Invoices remaining unpaid after thirty (30) days will incur a 1.5% interest charge per month on the unpaid balance in addition to a $2.00 monthly late fee. Payments may be made by credit card through PayPal or personal check. For payments made by personal check, investigations will not commence until your check is received and clears. In the event that any disputed invoices are litigated in a court of law, the prevailing party shall be paid by the other party for all costs incurred, including but not limited to court costs and attorney fees. Court jurisdiction selected by plaintiff.

The above services will be incurred and payable by the client regardless of the outcome of the service. WOLFE'S INVESTIGATIONS is not responsible for inaccurate information supplied by those entities that provide public information and records.

Assignments will only be completed if accounts are current. If cases are ongoing, it is understood that invoices are mailed every two weeks unless there are no billable hours for the preceding two weeks.

Submitting this contract electronically, means that you have read, agree, and accept all terms of the above contract and are legally bound to its terms. Electronic submittal means you have waived any need for your written signature. This agreement will not be put into effect until the 100% retainer has been paid in full and the agreement has been deemed acceptable and signed by Mr. Brian S. Wolfe.

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